Why can’t I just stop?
Addiction has no favorites. We all know someone who struggles and most of us will ourselves struggle at some time in our lives with an addiction or a bad habit we wish we could shake. The most common addictions include chemical dependency, eating disorders, co-dependency, sexual addictions and those associated with gambling. Understanding the root cause of addictive behaviors is the first step to freedom. If self-help was working you probably wouldn’t be visiting us at this site, so let Better Together help you get plugged into a program that will work for you!

Which Program?
Programs abound to help break addiction. These range from urgent intervention, the “28 days” approach – which are expensive and offer limited long-run success – to support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, which may be effective and cost very little. Finding the right fit is key to your lasting recovery, freedom, and a life worth living! Better Together’s Life & Recovery Coaches apply their experience in this area to help you discover the right path to recovery for you or your loved one. Many of our clients are people in our community that know they have a problem but do not know how to address it. Confidentiality concerns, embarassment and fear of the unknown cause a paralysis of inaction.

Better Together Life & Recovery Coaching specializes in aligning recovery resources to the individual in need. This accelerates the healing process and is more likely to produce lasting results. We listen to your story, evaluate your situation, and use our experience to confidentially and cost effectively guide you to the resources most likely to meet your needs. Our board-certified Recovery Coaches can help you understand the root causes of your addictive behavior and help guide you on a rewarding journey that will allow you to live a life of Freedom! Breaking the addictive cycle and merely surviving isn’t the same as living a life that is
fulfilling, meaningful, joy filled, peaceful .

How do I get started?
We know the hardest step is making the first phone call to ask for help. This is a no risk, no stress call. There’s no obligation and we want to hear your story. Don’t hesitate.

Call us today mention code “FREEDOM” and your first 45 minute session will be complimentary.

A typical coaching session is 45 minutes. We begin with discussion and evaluation of where you are in the your recovery process. We’ll then develop a customized plan and help you follow up with the activities that are vital to your healing journey. Most clients benefit greatly from having at least 2 additional sessions during the first month of coaching, followed by monthly sessions during the first year. But everyone is different, and we can accommodate your needs.

Sessions may be purchased for $49.95 each, or in a package of 10 sessions at a discounted price of $450 paid in advance (balance refunded for unused sessions). Clients that receive coaching enjoy progressing through the recovery process more quickly and more completely than they do on their own.

Better Together LIfe & Recovery Coaching specializes in aligning recovery resources to the individual in need, and restoring
life. We use our experience to put your situation in perspective, to develop the “mile high” view, and find the resources most likely to keep you moving forward. Recovery coaching is about filling the holes that led to the addiction in the first place, and replacing bad habits with goals, and a solid, realistic plan for achieving them.

Get your, or your loved one’s, life back on track to success and satisfaction.
Live happy, joyous and free.

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