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Coaching helps seniors define and realize their goals as they face a new phase of life.
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Do you want to travel, volunteer, pursue hobbies? A coach can help guide you during this process.

Is your housing meeting your needs, or is it time to investigate other opportunities?

Will you need medical care or assisted living?

There are many challenges and important choices to be made at this special time of life. This may include career choices for part time or full time work. We help you decide when would be a good time to retire, and what to do with your time.

Advocate for the Elderly - We cannot always be there for our elderly relatives every time they need our help, particularly if they live some distance away. Maybe our loved ones have changed living arrangements and need help adjusting, or need a trusted 3rd party ensuring they get what they need. For stateline customers, Better Together sees to it that your senior has the help they need to live happy, joyous and free.

We Help Seniors:
Achieve new goals and dreams
Identify and pursue their passions
Investigate new opportunities
Provide guidance for estate planning
Better understand relationships with family and friends
Transition smoothly into independent living facilities
Learn to survive and thrive independently