It’s not easy
Losing a loved one, be it a parent, spouse, child, or dear friend, is one of the hardest things any of us will experience in our lives. We have shared so much of our lives, and they have become part of us.  After a loss we feel sad, hurt, depressed, frustrated, lost, guilty, or that our life is suddenly unmanageable and out of control. 

You don’t have to go it alone
No one can undo the pain of your loss, but we can partner with you to help you understand, manage, and work through the grieving process. You don't have to be alone during this difficult time. Better Together’s Life & Recovery Coaches specialize in coaching widows, widowers, and those experiencing the grief of loss. Others have recovered, and so can you.

Better Together is here to guide you along the way with a personal plan to help you along your journey of healing. You will get there. Move forward with life to experience true joy, peace, and a sense of wholeness.

How do I get started?
We know the hardest step is making the first phone call to ask for help. This is a no risk, no stress call. There’s no obligation and we want to hear your story. Don’t hesitate.

Call us today mention code “PEACE” and your first 45 minute session will be complimentary.

A typical coaching session is 45 minutes. We begin with discussion and evaluation of where you are in the grief process. We'll then develop a customized plan and help you follow up with the activities that are vital to your healing journey. Most clients benefit greatly from having at least 2 additional sessions during the first month of coaching, followed by monthly sessions during the first year. But everyone is different, and we can accommodate your needs.

Sessions may be purchased for $49.95 each, or in a package of 10 sessions at a discounted price of $450 paid in advance (balance refunded for unused sessions). Clients that receive coaching enjoy progressing through the grief process more quickly and more completely than they do on their own.

Call today, mention code “PEACE” and your first 45 minute session will be complimentary.