Pet loss
Our pets are not just animals, but very special and meaningful parts of our lives. We feel a devastating sense of loss when they are gone.

Let us help you heal!

For a child, a pet can be that special friend that explores the big world side by side with them.
For a young couple, a pet may be the first experience with caring for another live being. Perhaps it’s a prerequisite for starting a family and teaching responsibility.

A loving pet eases the loneliness that may accompany single living.

Whatever a pet’s role, we learn to enjoy their unconditional love, adoring eyes and cheerful expressions. When they’re gone, we experience a painful loss. Many describe the loss as equivalent to losing a human family member.

Grieving for your lost pet is very normal and completely natural. However, your exact experience is unique to you. No one else knows how you feel or how long it should take you to come to terms with your loss. At this trying time, Better Together provides skill and resources to help you and your family to grieve and recover. This includes a safe place where you can freely express your feelings in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. Feeling free to acknowledge your thoughts and emotions, and examine them, will allow you to come to terms with what has happened. Your recovery will lessen the grief, anger and helplessness resulting from your loss.

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